Well Maintained Rental Properties

Our properties are well maintained and clean.  We strive to provide our residents with the best living environment possible.


We Are a Professional Property Management Company

We have over 30 years experience in residential apartment and single family home rentals.

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A series of descriptive tutorials and guides
on using and configuring the October theme.

Learn about various aspects of the theme such as Installation instructions, or guides on how to edit and customize the logo from the Tutorials area of the demo. Reading the information is recommended before use.

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Tenant Retention is Our Focus

Taking care of our residents and minimizing turnover is cost effective.  We respond to our  residents’ needs efficiently.  As a result, we obtain many of our new residents through referrals.



We Have What You’re Looking For

Whether you’re searching for a 500 sf  studio downtown or a 5,000 sf  executive home on the golf course, we have what you’re looking for.


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Style Widget Variations tied into the Color Chooser, as well as structural suffixes.

Included are 14 widget class suffixes / variations which provide independent widget styling, ranging from styled suffixes such as bg1-5 and title1-5, to structural suffixes such as basic and flush.

Preview Variations

Color Chooser

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Customize the theme live with the Color Chooser.
Save your custom presets by logging in as Admin.

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Updated RokTabs

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RokTabs now supports inline icons for each Tab.
Dynamic controls in its settings allow for easy icon assignment.

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Built with the Gantry Framework

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Latest Upload

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Advanced Menu Options

Oct10 Demo Image Fusion Menu, Mootools powered CSS menu.
SEO friendly JS enhanced CSS dropdown system.
Mar10 Demo Image Splitmenu, a Versatile and Functional menu.
A traditional, separated 1st and 2nd tier menu system.

Other Featured Characteristics

Summit Property Management is a family owned and operated property management company with over 30 years experience in managing apartment communities and single family rental homes.   We offer rental housing in the Sacramento area, as well as the San Francisco Bay area & Monterey Bay.  We dedicate our services to our joint investment portfolio and do not offer fee management services to owners outside of our investment group.

Summit Property Management is dedicated to making sure our properties are leased to thoroughly screened, well qualified tenants and that they are professionally maintained to the highest standard.  Summit Property Management has always approached property management with a commitment to excellence.  Our goal is simple:  Provide quality, professional management services that will truly reflect our pride of ownership for each of our properties.

Tenants come for our reputation, they stay for our performance.

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Native Right-To-Left (RTL) Support for both Gantry and independent theme elements such as module styling.

The Gantry grid system will automatically invert the placement of module positions inside a given row when RTL mode is detected from WordPress. The template is prebuilt with CSS styles and Images that are peculiar to RTL.

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Built with the Gantry Framework with the 960 grid system and an intuitive, extensive administrative interface.

Gantry is the framework that rests at the foundation of our latest RocketTheme themes, providing an extensive and powerful core to extend the feature set and functions of our themes exponentially, making them even more flexible.

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Fourteen Widget Variations, ranging from color styles to structural variants, allowing for individual widget control.

14 widget hilites to provide variations, color and/or structural, in your site for your modular content, these are: bg1-5, title1-5, flush, flushtop, flushbottom & basic. All can be previewed in the Widget Variations page.

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About Us

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Delivering versatile WordPress themes since Oct 2009.

Crystalline is a creation built using our new feature rich Gantry Framework. Unleash the WordPress power!

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Cross Browser Compatible

This theme is compatible with the major and modern browsers, plus limited support for IE6.

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Site Information

Example Site Only.

All demo content is for demonstration purposes only, intended to show a representative example of a live site.

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Theme Guides

Crystalline Tutorials.

Documentation covering many aspects on how to use the October 2010 theme from installation to logo editing instructions.

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Demo Launcher

Installable Demo Copy

Download our RocketLauncher package to install an exact copy / replica of the Crystalline demo on your own server or domain.

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The template is fully compliant with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS3 standards, as set by the World Wide Web Consortium.

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